Materials science is constantly developing new materials to be used in various industrial sectors. We focuses on our customers need for low friction of cutting fluids and cuting oils and increasing tool life by improving lubricity and the use of high tech PVD Hard Coating with turnkey solutions.


Over the past two decades, Best Lube have been offering advanced products and technological services to the industry. We serve Thailand and neighboring countries. We are proud to be part of the support for over 300 private and government industrial sector. We are seeking a new role and status in producing advanced products for the future that help solve you key issues.


We choose to be specialist for our customers in providing products designed to meet customer’s needs and exceeding standards for Environmental protection and safety. This is to be guideline for driving our work in the future.


We are always pleased to open source and give advice to customers.

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PLATIT PVD Hard Coating Machine

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